Privacy Policy

Security at guarantees security and identity privacy to those who purchase items in its virtual store. Subscription information as name, address and credit card number are protected by advanced encrypted system as they are sent and kept secretly in’s safe servers. has adopted legally requested levels in terms of security in the data protection, having installed all technical means and measures possible to avoid lost, bad use, change, unauthorized access or undue subtraction of the collected personal Information. Nevertheless, the user must be conscious that security measures related to internet are no integrally infallible. reserves its right to change the current policy to adapt it to legislative changes or jurisprudences, or those related to commercial practices. In any case, will announce in its website all changes introduced with reasonable anticipation to its placement.

The users can exercise the access rights; cancelling, confirmation and opposition, as well as they have recognized the right to get information by contacting through the link



When subscribing, clients determine voluntarily if they wish to provide their personal Information, required to contract, update or cancel some services offered in the website or through it, such as: membership contract, purchases in the virtual store, contacts with the customer service and others.

The personal information requested by will be submitted to automatic treatment, being incorporated to the correspondent electronic registers of personal data, of what will be the holder and responsible. The obtained data and used by, as well as by the partners hired by to the services offered by the website are part of this policy.


The personal information provided by the clients are used with the basic purpose to identify the user public, its profile and purchasing habits, for management, administration, attention, expansion and improvement of all offered products and services, also for the adequacy of the services to the preferences of its users, to create new products and services, to send operational and commercial information related to products and services by traditional and/or electronic means. undertakes to
correct promptly any change related to the user’s personal Information. To do so, the user will have to inform any change in its respective data.

  • Not divulging without former advice, in any case, the user’s e-mail that is informed in pages that request persona data fulfillment, such as Cards pages, Chat, Forums, e-mail and others that exist or can be created.
  • Enable to the user the cancelling, at any time, of the transmission of e-mail of promotional nature requested before.
  • Not commercializing or divulging its client’s data for other purposes that aren’t’s actions, be it through contacts of our relationship area, actions of the fidelity program, information on products and promotions. adopts as a policy the commitment of not divulging information about the accesses of its users, unless it is obligated to do so by legal order or in the strict fulfillment of legal standards. Similarly, keeps confidential the subscription data of its users, only revealing them to third parts in case of no legal impediments, or due to legal order or, yet, by authorization of its holders. can possibly save file data called ‘cookies’, in the user’s computer. Those files do not occupy space in its memory, but, with them, each page visualized by you in the website can be personalized, which makes your navigation more interesting and quick. Nevertheless, the deactivation of the installation of such files can happen, if you prefer, still being able to use the services offered by the website.